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The wonderful people I have been very privileged to work with this year. I thank you all.

Stephen Langstaff, Paul Cavanagh, Dominico Cirillo, Psy-Fi Pyper, Mick Dolan, Matthew Palmer, Peter Coyle, Andy Diagram Trumpet, Jennifer Scully, Mark Nick Jordan, Louise R-A, Enzo Amato, Daniel Spiers, Dawn Williams, Jack Palmer.

Moongoose on Roger Hill’s PMS: “Local Musicians Salute Cilla”

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Moongoose have recorded a special track for Roger Hill’s fantastic ‘Pure Musical Sensations’ on BBC Radio Merseyside. The show goes out tonight at 12pm midnight  and this week features a very special section that goes under the banner”Local Musicians Salute Cilla”. If it’s anything like the last ‘special’ Roger did on The Beatles (“Love Me Don’t”), it promises a wild and varied selection of takes on Ms Black’s ouvre. For Moongoose’s contribution (without giving too much away), they have broken their rule of ‘no vocals’ to deliver a Cilla performance beamed from the past, mutated through the sounds of Suicide and DAF. The track also features Yorkie’s 9 year old son Jack on bass. Tune in to Roger’s show tonight, you won’t be disappointed. (It’s also available to listen to all week via BBC iPlayer)


Moongoose: ‘Re-Collections’ single postponed.

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Due to a rather heavy workload of late, the new Moongoose single has been put back to a May release.
In the meantime, please enjoy this preview.


Peter Coyle Hijacked – Anonymous

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Available from March 31st from all online retailers.


Windmill – ‘Birdman (Skunky Moongoose Remix)’

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New remix by MOONGOOSE for Windmill’s excellent new single ‘Birdman’.
Available now on iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Napster, etc via Jack To Phono Records.


‘The Apocalypse Of The Machine’ by PETER COYLE HIJACKED

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the second single in 2014 from Peter Coyle Hijacked is out tomorrow february 10th and available for download from the usual retail outlets (iTunes, Amazon, HMV Digital, Napster, etc).

Peter has this to say on the release:

“these two quotes from Aldous Huxley say it all for me

“I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”

“That men do not learn from the lessons of history is the most important of all lessons of history.”

100 years ago, 37 million souls from both sides were wiped out in the first world war from 1914 – 1917

like most of us without a voice i think the world would be a better place if…

1) we started working with nature and cherished it – there is too much focus on exploiting it and destroying it because it makes money and profit and jobs

2) we started creating and valuing love, kindness and meaning to bring out the best in people

3) we started cherishing our animals – they are like nature a precious gift

4) there is always love…there is always peace…there is always hope…

in my opinion

democracy is being seriously compromised and corrupted and is virtually redundant as the corporations distance themselves higher up the hierarchy and make purely rational logical decisions based on profit and outcomes and gain without considering for one moment about what any of it means to human beings and humanity

human beings are the problem and we don’t even realise it

so this song is personal

the truth is i make music for myself…because it means so much to me and i really do want to change the world…

i know i am out of synch and i should be trying to get on the gravy train but i am putting my mind heart and soul into the music- that is just the way it is”

The apocalypse of the machine
(Peter Coyle / David T Palmer)

i don’t want to be a machine
the shadows are coming
the shadows of war
the grey storms
the grave stones of war

i don’t want to be a machine
the shadows are coming
the shadows of war
the grey storms
the grave stones of war

i will never surrender love
i will never kill anyone
i will never surrender love
i will never kill anyone

produced by Yorkie for Moongoose
original artwork Arms for the Poor by Peter Cameron

“peace and love to you all and thank you so much for taking the time out to listen xxx”


Preview: new MOONGOOSE single ‘Re-Collections’

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Release date: 7th April 2014


‘Mainstream Cowards’ by PETER COYLE HIJACKED

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As part of their ‘one single a month’ policy for 2014, here is the first offering: ‘Mainstream Cowards’.
And it’s free.
Just click on the download button on soundcloud and there you have it…yours to own…gratis…in ‘better than cd’ quality


Merry Christmas

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Hello one and all.
It’s been a very strange and wonderful year.
It started with every intention of releasing a new album to follow up ‘Organic Technology’, but ended with a string of singles recorded with Peter Coyle Hijacked.
The new MOONGOOSE album IS nearly mixed and in the bag, but I felt it was right to wait a while before rushing into things. Time to reflect and make sure it was the right album.
The Peter Coyle Hijacked project has given me that time.
In 2013 we released ‘Gun’, ‘Outstretched Arms’, ‘Walking to Russia’ (a free download), & ‘Christmas in Liverpool’.
2014 will see a Peter Coyle Hijacked single released every month, the first being ‘The Apocalypse of the Machine’ in January.
There will be no album as such.
You can collect the tracks you like and make them into an album on your media player.

Not so for MOONGOOSE.

Feb will see the general release of the DVD version of ‘Organic Technology’, which will be distributed by Cadiz and available in your local record shop.
If they don’t have it in, please order it from them.
We are very proud of this release, as it contains all of the album, plus the bonus track ‘Throb Pt 1′, and all of their related videos by Mark Jordan.
Anyone who attended the Odeon Performance will be familiar with Marks wonderful work.

‘Missives From the Memory Machine’ will be released on 7th April 2014.
It will be over a year late, and I think will have benefitted from this delay.
‘Organic Technology’ was something I, and the rest of MOONGOOSE were very proud of, and I was really excited about getting a new album out as soon as possible. But then the fear set in. I didn’t want to just rush out something that would be a step down…something somewhat sub-standard.
I wanted to up the ante.
Some members of MOONGOOSE relocated around the world: Mark to San Francisco, Alex to Berlin.
All this means is (probably) sunnier videos and more unhinged, angular guitar in future.
Meanwhile we have added the very fantabulous Andy Diagram as a mainstay (for this album at least).
If you are interested, you can see and hear early versions of tracks from the forthcoming album on our youtube channel [http://www.youtube.com/moongoosetheband].
They will be removed in due course, and replaced by the new versions, but while they are up, please enjoy. I think they have some magic to impart.

Finally, I would like to thank a few people.
Firstly, all the band: Mark, Paul, Alex, Danny, Andy, Vicky, Iain for continuous streams of inspiration.
Joe Hendrickson for always being there.
Probe Records for being wonderful.
Dave Monks, Chris Currie, Roger Hill & Angie Sammons for continued support over many years now.
Jeff Jankovic for undying loyalty and extreme patience.
Peter Coyle for being the most delightful person I’ve ever met: a true earth angel.
My wonderful family: Beth, Matthew, Jack, Ben, Albert, Terry, Elaine, George, Darren, Lewis, Natalie, Liz, Pete, Kerry, Zoe, Shaun, Emma & Harry.

Phew, I think I need an Oscar now (to justify the length of this post).

However, this year has been hard, miserable, tough, wonderful, beautiful, stressful, joyous, funny, black, easy, stupid, purposeful, pointless…everything in equal measures…and you all see me through it…as do many friends I haven’t mentioned…but you know who you are.

Much love



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